Friday, August 7, 2009

Lois Anne holding up the Arch de Triomphe

With Lois Anne in the photo, one gets a sense of the size of this monumental arch.


Cezar and Léia said...

My dear friend Lois Anne so adorable! That beautiful lady at the foot of the sculptures is really a plus!
( Glad to see that she went shopping!!! I'm envious!);)
Hello dear friends, we are just going "on the road"enjoying a little bit more this summer here!
Blog you soon!
God bless you

Vogon Poet said...

The presence of Lois Anne really gives the right proportion of this massive landmark. Very good composition and a nice portrait on the side.

Starman said...

There's a nice view from the top. I assume you went up?

tapirgal said...

It looks like she's doing a good job there. Her presence really does make the scale. I hadn't remembered how huge the sculpture was!

Jacob said...

@ Starman - Yes, I actually walked up! Damn near died! Way too far! But we both got some nice shots which I'll post down the road.

Frank said...

I bet she actually asked you to boost her up so she could stand under a sword.I wonder how many people have actually figured out a way to do that??