Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fountain at the Versailles Palace

There are a number of beautiful fountains at Versailles...this is one of my favorites although I don't know the name of it.

The photo has been posterized.


James said...

That is cool Jacob.
On our second trip to Paris we were going to go to Versailles but we ended up in Chartes instead, then we planed to go on our last trip but ended up in Rouen so I've still never seen Versailles.

Check out these two Rouen pictures Something Sighted It's worth the hour train ride.

Vogon Poet said...

I think is called Latona Fountain.

Starman said...

I didn't tour the jardins when I was there because, s in this picture, they had not turned on the water. I think they only do that on the weekends, but I'm not at all certain about that.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

What an interesting fountain--it remind me of the Scott fountain on Belle Isle--I think that fountain has the same turtles.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

(my photo of scott fountain--if you can see it, tell me if the turtles are the same). If you search scott fountain on Detroit Daily, you will find lots of shots of it.)

That's a very cool picture. Is the water dyed or does it have algae? Such a pretty green.

Jacob said...

@ Mary - Thanks for the link. That's a beautiful shot...I'm going to do a search, too.

Re: the water. I don't know. I have a feeling it was dyed, though.